To be the best independent portfolio manager in terms of performance and integrity for institutional and private clients in Pakistan and overseas.


To provide a secure financial future to beneficiaries of retirement plans, individuals and families.

Company registration number:

Our company registration number is K – 0061495.

National Tax Number:

Our National Tax Number is 2925618-6.

License Number:

Our License Number is AMCW/05/MIAL/IAS/04/2019.

Company status:

We are a Medium-Sized Company (MSC) as per the Companies Act, 2017.


Our internal auditors are A. F. Ferguson & Co., while our external auditors are KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co.

Legal advisor:

Our legal advisor is Mr. Khurram Rashid.

Board of directors:

The company has the following team of professionals in the board of directors:

Dr. Mohammed Nishat – Independent Director:

Dr. Nishat is the Chairman of the Audit Committee at Magnus. He holds a doctorate degree in Economics (with specialization in Finance) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Dr. Nishat is currently a Professor of Economics & Finance and Associate Dean at the Faculty of Business Administration, IBA, Karachi.

Nadeem Jeddy (MBA, CFA, CIM) – Director:

Mr. Jeddy was the founding CEO of Magnus and has been its Chief Investment Officer (CIO) since 2008. He is a seasoned investment banker with seventeen years’ worth of experience with Citigroup in mergers & acquisitions and credit & risk management. He specializes in the fundamental investment analysis of industries and companies.

Naveed Ahad – Independent Director:

Mr. Ahad holds a B.Sc Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore. He is the co-founder and Director of AJR Metal Fabricators (Pvt.) Limited, supplying auto parts to Honda and Yamaha. His first‐hand insight of industrial activity (real sector as opposed to financial sector) is extremely valuable for the Company.

Najeeb Afsar – Director:

Mr. Afsar holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) from NED University, Karachi. He is a well-known and experienced civil engineer of Pakistan. He has the experience of executing the most prominent and complex civil engineering projects in the country, namely, The Aga Khan Hospital & Medical College, Finance & Trade Centre and Jinnah Terminal (Karachi Airport).

Pattern of shareholding:

Pattern of Shareholding
As at June 30, 2019
No. of shareholders   Shareholding   Total shares held
  From   To  
4   1   500   432
3   501   10,000   15,783
2   10,001   15,000   22,610
1   15,001   100,000   86,438
10           125,263

Associated companies:

Arkad Consultants Private Limited (formerly Arkad Consultant Private Limited) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Magnus Investment Advisors Limited. Arkad is a financial services company which deals in distribution of financial products like mutual funds, insurance etc.

Magnus is a registered member of the Mutual Funds Association of Pakistan.

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